What is the Delphi Panel?

Link to the Delphi Report here


The first step for the Project was to decide what oral health services for people with disabilities should aim to achieve as there is little consensus on what these should be. Therefore the SMILE team gained consensus by using a Delphi Panel:


A Delphi panel is a group of experts who have a view to share on a specific topic. This sharing leads to consensus through a number of structured rounds of a research process. In this case, experts were either service users, providers or advocates as all are seen to have expert views on dental services based on their own perspectives. We also encouraged service managers and policy makers to become involved in this process.

Online Rounds

Three online rounds involving over sixty experts took place, generating 69 items describing what dental services should be like.

Consensus Conference

These 69 items were considered by experts at a final Consensus Conference and a final list of 16 consensus statements were agreed.

These statements have been published online here.

An overview of our Delphi Panel (Click the figure for a close up)

This Figure gives an overview of the three email rounds in this Delphi Panel. It shows that round one will ask open ended questions of the group and round two will ask the group to rank responses from previous rounds leading to consensus.