Many people are involved in Project SMILE Ireland

It is sometimes surprising the amount of people involved in research like this. All participants give their time freely with a common goal of informing better dental services for people with disabilities in Ireland.

Lead researchers and Management committee

The lead researchers are two dentists, Professor June Nunn and Kev ( Caoimhin ) Mac Giolla Phadraig. They represent the team at the Department of Child and Public Dental Health in the Dublin Dental University Hospital and Trinity College Dublin.

The lead researchers teamed up with researchers from Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin and service planners in HSE Dental Services to drive change in oral health services for people with disabilities in Ireland. Together this group is responsible for this project, overseeing the scientific, financial, and ethical delivery of the project.

Steering Group and Key Stakeholders

A larger group worked alongside the Management Committee in this process. In addition to PMC members, the group comprised of stakeholders who share an interest in oral health services for people with disabilities in Ireland.  This group focused the research process on the central issues regarding oral health services from a broad inclusive range of views. In addition to the core groups above, many other people added valuable contributions to this process.

Scientific Advisory Group

Throughout this process, the Management committee reported to scientific experts in the field. The group’s role was to ensure the scientific integrity of the programme. Their expertise was most welcome.